Friday, 19 February 2016

The Great Directors... a new series

I’m not going to claim that this idea has even one iota of originality, but it’s something I personally have never done before, and that’s what counts. This is the start of a series in which I pick a highly regarded director, one of the true greats of cinema, and watch my way through their entire back catalogue in chronological order. Then write a bit about each film.

I’ve seen other bloggers do this sort of thing, and it struck me that there are probably not any directors whose complete filmography I can say I’ve seen. Even with my favourite directors there are likely to be gaps, especially as I’d like to include all of their available short films and TV films (though skipping any TV series/shows). I think it will be interesting to watch in such an order and see how a particular director’s style and quality of output changed over the years.

Some directors have a huge catalogue to get through, so this will be a very long-term project. I’m just going to take my time, write a little about each one as I go along, and hopefully do a top 10 when I reach the end.

My first director is Martin Scorsese. It’s an obvious choice, but I can’t think of a more appropriate one to start with. A visionary director, hugely influential, amazing catalogue of films and includes few I'll be seeing for the first time. A watchlist with all the qualifying films is linked below, and I’m rather looking forward to getting started. This must be what it’s like to be a film student, only at the end I won’t have a teacher telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Below is the index for the various articles I'll be posting. Links will be added to the dates as I go along.

Part 1: 1963-1977
Part 2: 1978-1990
Part 3: 1990-2004
Part 4: 2006-Present


  1. Love it! I look forward to the thoughts on Scorsese. I actually tried doing something similar to this recently, although without blogging about it. I managed to get through all of Danny Boyle's films a few months ago and even started into Coppola, before calling it quits and moving on to other projects.

    1. Your Danny Boyle series was one of the ones I had in mind, it'll be interesting to try it with even one director. Has to be a director you can reliably commit to because you know most of the films will be decent, Scorsese definitely should do that. He's done a lot more than I'd realised, especially documentaries and short films, so I'm going through the list to find them all at the moment.